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Brazed Tool Co.
Brazed Tool Co.
P.O. Box 105, Dennison OH 44621     Phone 740-922-3515     Fax 740-922-3563
Made in the USA by American Workers
Delivering Quality, Value and Performance
Delivering Quality, Value and Performance
Clapp and Haney Brazed Tool Company is a leading manufacturer high quality brazed lathe tooling.  We offer a wide variety of standard carbide brazed lathe tools and tool bits to meet the needs of today's metalworking industry.
No matter what the need, Clapp and Haney can provide a unique blend of product and service to satisfy your requirements.
Our tools are manufactured in the United States by American workers using the latest CNC grinding technology and finest materials
We offer a complete line of standard brazed Turning, Chamfering, Threading, Grooving and Cutoff tooling in ANSI and other formats.  We also offer Swiss style Automatic Brazed Tools as well as B&O style Cutoff Blades.

We are now your source for Butt Brazed (Manchester Style) Cutoff Inserts, Components and Toolholders  We carry a wide variety of BB Inserts, Support Blades, Clamps and Toolholders to service your Manchester BB Cutoff needs.

We offer Custom Brazed Tools made to your print specifications at reasonable prices and fast turnaround.  Let us quote you needs today, just send us your print.

We can also provide your Manchester BB Specials from the original prints.  Call us today for details.
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